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AQS Overview !

Low Cost and large Savings.

Manage quotes more effectively in less time. Eliminate redundant quoting.

An on-line quoting management tool created specifically for freight forwarders / brokers industry. No need to purchase any hardware or software – only need Internet access or a web browser. It can be access from anywhere (domestic or internationally) as long as you have Internet access.

The program does not take up any space on your computer. All of the data is stored in a central location backed up daily on a very secure server (128 bit encryption). The data can be shared across offices with out any problems and sales activities can be monitored.

All updates are done using web browser by pointing and clicking. You can update rates, shipper information, and custom clearance and delivery rates. This program automatically finds the optimal rate for a given destination.

The program has ability to quickly generate large recurring rate proposals. It can automatically find rates and custom clearance and destination charges. With one single mouse click – an entire proposal can be uploaded into Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Comprehensive quote analysis can be generated in seconds. Monitor your both inside and outside sales activities. All quotes can be shared and viewed.

User Friendly. Simple and easy to navigate without complications. Eliminates manual data entry errors. No need for paper file – all filed in the system and backed up incase of emergencies.

With one click – quote can be emailed directly to the customer upon completion. Company logo and professional set up for customer view only.

All data is confidential and a legal agreement between you and Cargosavings will be abided.

The data is stored in relational database and it can be integrated with operations/logistics software.

Available training and information center customer service available.

Best competitive rate cost available.



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